Arts & Culture

The arts and culture of South Park have long been defined by its rich mountain heritage and the necessities of high altitude living. Although South Park has evolved since its first residents arrived 12,000 years ago, it continues to celebrate its origins as a game parc for mountain men, a source of riches for miners, a lush valley for ranchers, a supply center for the railroad, a stunning playground for recreationists, and a home for the hardy settlers of the 19th Century.  Above all, it is the unparalleled natural landscape that has inspired so many artists to try and capture its beauty. Local artists along the Artisans Trail use a variety of mediums to offer visitors their own piece of South Park and invite them to immerse themselves in the celebration of art and music at the Festival in the Clouds. Mining heritage has been commemorated at over 50 World Championship Pack Burro Races and the railroad’s significance is remembered each year at Boreas Pass Railroad Day. We invite you to share your story of South Park’s arts and culture by exploring the events and traditions that characterize our National Heritage Area.

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